Meet the Miss Lancashire finalists

Katie Littlewood
Katie Littlewood
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Young women across the county are getting ready to compete in this year’s Miss Lancashire.

As part of their role, each competitor is asked to organise fund-raising events for the chosen charity - Variety, which supports children who are disabled, sick or disadvantaged.

Jasmine Schofield taking part in the safe drive campaign

Jasmine Schofield taking part in the safe drive campaign

Jasmine Schofield, 17, of Euxton, who is a Lancashire police cadet, has taken part in a demonstration with Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service as part of a safe drive campaign.
She said: “I took part in this to warn young drivers about the risks of driving dangerously.
“This really hit home for me as I am a young driver. It showed how easy it is to just go a bit over the speed limit.”
She is also hosting a coffee afternoon at Euxton Parish Community Centre, School Lane, on Saturday October 14 from 2pm until 4pm. There will be cakes, coffee, a bouncy castle and face painting.

Entry is £1.50 and under sevens are free.

Jasmine is also holding a charity golf tournament with her dad, Lee Schofield.

UCLan student Katie Littlewood is hosting a charity night at the Excelsior in Blackpool on October 25 from 7pm until 11pm.
She has also organised make-up sessions an a sponsored walk.

Shanade Charles

Shanade Charles

The 19-year-old, who attended St George’s Church of England High School said: “Throughout high school I was quite badly bullied and put down for my appearance, as I was a larger girl.
“This hugely knocked my confidence, meaning I was quite lonely in my teenage years and didn’t really begin to come out of my shell until I started sixth form. “Although the majority of the bullying was verbal, as I was called names such as ‘fat’, ‘pregnant’ and ‘ugly’ sometimes this would lead to violence.
“I do not blame the school or anyone else for this as I decided to never really speak about it until now.
“As a result of this I instead turned to education and luckily passed both high school and college with amazing grades.
“I am delighted to say I am now in my second year at university studying English literature and creative writing, chasing my dream to become a primary school teacher.
“I also work part time as a support worker and often volunteer at my local youth club.
“I can’t believe that despite being called words such as ‘ugly’ I have proven everyone now by going from bully victim to beauty queen as I am in the finals of Miss Lancashire.
“My main aims are to show that if you have inner beauty and a good heart, this will also shine through on the outside.
“I am a strong anti-bullying ambassador and want to be a role model to anyone out there who doesn’t feel as though they’re good enough because if I can come this far so can anyone.”

Shanade Charles, 18, of Preston, is asking people to wear red from October 23 to 27 and donate to
Miss Lancashire final is at Preston Guild Hall on November 3.
The winner of Miss Lancashire will, amongst other prizes, win a place in Miss England where she will have a chance to go onto Miss World.

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