Man who self-medicated with cannabis jailed

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A man with psychiatric problems, who tried to self medicate by using cannabis, has been jailed

Luke Troy was caught in possession of the drug, with intent to supply some of it to friends, when police searched his home on Central Drive, Blackpool.

The offence occured while he was on a community order sentence for an earlier similar offence.

A judge at Preston Crown Court gave Troy an eight months prison sentence, telling him a suspended sentence was out of the question.

The 21-year-old had pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing cannabis with intent to supply. He had said he was using the drug to self medicate for psychosis.

Michael Blakey, prosecuting, said a warrant was executed at Troy’s home on May 29 last year.

Cannabis with a total value of £120 was discovered. Empty snap bags and scales were also found.

In interview Troy admitted the drugs were his, but he denied dealing or intending to do that.

In February last year he was sentenced for possessing cannabis with intent to supply. A community order was made and he was still on that when the latest offence was carried out.

Paul Robinson, defending, said Troy had bought in bulk, but the drugs he had was still a modest stock.

The defendant had long standing psychiatric problems and had received both inpatient and outpatient treatment. He used to be visited daily by the community mental health team.

Mr Robinson added: “His schizophrenia limits his ability to get out of the house. He struggles to keep appointments.

“He is confident that with the continued medication he is receiving that he will ultimately be able to overcome this difficulty and keep any appointments.

“I submit that society would be better served and the public better protected if a suspended sentence order was made, for him to work with probation and other agencies to address his problems”. Judge Graham Knowles QC said an immediate prison sentence had to follow.