Man urinated in colleague’s drink after she rejected his advances

Marc Wroe, of Lostock Hall, who harassed a ormer work colleague and urinated in her water.
Marc Wroe, of Lostock Hall, who harassed a ormer work colleague and urinated in her water.
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A spurned worker who launched a seven-year campaign of harassment against a colleague he fancied was caught on camera urinating in her bottled water.

Marc Wroe, 44, of Lostock View, Lostock Hall, is facing a possible jail sentence after he was spotted relieving himself in the bottle of sparkling water his victim kept at her desk. He admitted a charge of harassment without violence in a hearing at Preston Magistrates’ Court, after telling police it was “in revenge” for his affections being rejected.

Martine Connah, prosecuting, said: “She thought he was trying to play a twisted, perverted game.”

In 2007, the victim, a mum-of-one who works at distribution company Tom Parker Ltd on Marsh Lane, Preston, started receiving emails from Wroe, who had worked there since 2001.

As a catalogue of disturbing incidents unfolded, she:

Received soiled ladies underwear in the post

Had saucy lingerie catalogues and samples addressed to her

Received Valentine’s cards addressed to her partner posted to her home

Was disturbed late at night while alone with her daughter when Wroe turned up unannounced

Received “apology” flowers

And was stared at as she got into her car when leaving work.

District Judge Jane Goodwin heard that between July 2007 and April this year, Wroe pursued a course of harassment.

Martine Connah, prosecuting, said: “The emails became more and more frequent.

“She asked him to stop. At some point he gave her his home email address.

“She emailed him at home asking him not to send her so many messages at work. She was not interested in him, not attracted to him.

“He continued to email her at home and work. They got more and more explicit and on one occasion, he commented on an item of underwear he had seen in her bag, which was actually her little girl’s. It was unnerving.”

The court heard after an incident in which Wroe turned up at her home, a colleague warned him off.

But the victim felt like he was watching her every move. She eventually told her partner everything after catching him staring at her as she got into her car.

She reported him to her boss after she received stockings at her home – labelled with his name.

A boss at Tom Parker Ltd spoke to Wroe, but he said he too had been receiving things and tried to blame an ex-girlfriend.

In February this year, the victim noticed a foul smell coming from her drinking water.

Miss Connah said: “She went to the director, and was shaking. She felt awful she could work with someone who hated her so much.”

When it happened again, tests showed her water was contaminated and the firm set up cameras on April 26.

On April 29, Wroe was caught contaminating her water. He was sacked.

Greg Earnshaw, defending, said: “It is a shameful act. He is highly embarrassed and owned up to it straight away.

The case was adjourned to July 11 to allow for a medical report after District Judge Jane Goodwin said she had “great concern”.