Man died after fall during nine-hour Christmas drink binge

Gillibrand Walks, Chorley
Gillibrand Walks, Chorley
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A man died of a catastrophic head injury after a nine-hour Christmas drinking binge around Chorley.

An inquest heard David Swinbank, of Railway Road, Brinscall, had probably fallen heavily and was found dead just yards from his mother’s house the following morning.

The 52-year-old was discovered sitting propped up against a car in Gillibrand Walks, Chorley, on Christmas Eve.

A Home Office pathologist, called in when police suspected he could have been the victim of an attack, told the coroner death had been due to a non-survivable head injury consistent with a fall.

Dr Brian Rogers, said: “I suspect he may have fallen once or more than once prior to this final incident whilst intoxicated.

“It was a classic impact fall - there was no evidence to suggest he had been assaulted or struck by a vehicle.”

The inquest heard that Mr Swinbank had started drinking in the Last Orders pub at 1pm the previous day and was last seen in the Seven Stars at 10pm. Neighbours in Gillibrand Walks heard a loud crash at around 3.30am and Mr Swinbank was found dead at 7.30am.

Coroner Simon Jones, returning a verdict of accidental death, said: “What it leaves unanswered is where David was between 10pm and whatever time it was he found himself in Gillibrand Walks.

“I am assuming that the sound people heard at 3.30am will have been him falling against a car. What is not known is where he was between 10pm and 3.30am.

“What is clear is he had been out visiting a number of pubs and clearly had a significant amount of alcohol during that afternoon and evening.

“His injuries were consistent with him striking his head in a fall and it seems to me it was an accident.”