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Lynne Whittaker
Lynne Whittaker
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A host of solicitors in Lancashire are supporting St Catherine’s Hospice by encouraging people to write a will.

A HOST of solicitors in Lancashire are supporting St Catherine’s Hospice by encouraging people to write a will.

Throughout Wills Week, which this year runs between November 14 and 18, participating local solicitors are waiving their fees in return for a donation to St Catherine’s.

Last year, more than £20,000 was raised for the hospice during the initiative.

A minimum donation of £95 is required for individual Wills, £145 for Mirror Wills, or £50 for a Codicil (amendment to an existing Will).

Solicitors taking part this year are Birchall Blackburn in Preston, Chorley and Leyland; Ellen Fay in Preston; Forbes in Preston and Chorley; Harrison Drury in Preston and Garstang; Marsden Rawsthorn in Preston and Chorley; Vincents in Preston, Longridge and Garstang; Worralls in Longton; John Whittle Robinson in Preston; and Chadwicks in Leyland.

Working as a senior fund-raiser at St Catherine’s Hospice and helping to promote the annual Wills Week initiative means that Lynne Whittaker knows how important it is to get affairs in order.

She said: “It was a huge sense of relief when I finally got my Will written; knowing that all my wishes were recorded gave me such peace of mind. Like many people, I kept putting off writing a Will because it seemed difficult and daunting. But I had remarried in 2008 and realised how important it was to have everything formally recorded, for my family and son.

“In the end I found it really easy. I just made an appointment and the solicitor took me through everything I needed to consider. She drafted a copy which we got within a couple of weeks, and we signed it.

“It was a very straightforward and quick process, and it was a huge feeling of relief when it was done because it had been playing on my mind.

“We also discussed things beyond Wills, like Power of Attorney, so we got lots of expert advice.

“The fact that the fees come to the hospice is a bonus. It can also be more affordable for people to make their Wills during Wills Week, so it really pays off to book an appointment – it’s a win-win scheme.”

To request a Wills Week information pack, email or call 01772 324540.