Lucky escape for car accident family

Scene: The family car came to rest between two trees  Photo: GEOFF ABBOTT
Scene: The family car came to rest between two trees Photo: GEOFF ABBOTT
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A Leyland family had a lucky escape when the brakes on their car failed on a steep road in Wales.

Richard Fish was visiting the Llandudno air show with his wife and two children aged five and two when the accident happened.

Mr Fish said he was driving up the Great Orme when his brakes failed and his car rolled backwards but “luckily” became wedged between two trees.

Mr Fish said: “I was driving up the hill and there was somebody coming the other way. I stopped but he (the other driver) was telling me to go forward.

“I released the handbrake and went into first gear but it wouldn’t go, it just slipped backwards and the brake just wouldn’t work. I tried the handbrake, brake, nothing.

“I had my wife with me and two kids aged five and two and we both panicked.”

Passers by helped the family escape from the car through the rear doors and placed rocks under the car’s tyres to stop it rolling further.

Mr Fish added: “I didn’t realise we were going between the two trees and it’s lucky we stopped were we did.”

The hillside were the accident happened is known as Happy Valley and has a cable car station and ski slope.

If the car had not stopped between the trees it could have plummeted down through an ornamental park above the pier and small crowds watching the air show.