Logan to become one of first to take part in trial

Prepared: Logan North will be one of only 30 children to take part in a European trial
Prepared: Logan North will be one of only 30 children to take part in a European trial
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Courageous Logan North is preparing to become one of the first children in the UK to take part in a trial treatment for an aggressive cancer.

Logan, five, of Collins Road, Bamber Bridge, near Preston, has Stage IV neuroblastoma and his family had launched a campaign to raise £250,000 to send him to America for the last part of his treatment.

However, the Evening Post revealed how the plans for treatment in the US had to be scrapped after Logan missed the crucial time slot.

Logan has been accepted on to a new immunotherapy UK trial which has just started at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool and will begin treatment there on November 19.

Mum Amanda said: “We were so disappointed that Logan missed out on treatment in America as the reason we were raising money to send him there was because it is the best available treatment.

“However, we are very glad that the study at Liverpool has begun at just the right time for Logan.

“As Logan is one of the first children to take part in this trial, we do not know what the results will be.

“All we can do is hope that it will give him the best chance of life against this disease.”

The immunotherapy trial in the UK is part of a European study and will only be taking on 30 children with neuroblastoma from across Europe.

Alison Moy, chief executive of the Neuroblastoma Alliance, the charity which helps children and families affected by neuroblastoma, said: “This trial is not the same as the treatment in the US.

“The American treatment gives the patient three drugs, while this trial Logan will be having has two drugs.

“This trial is part of a European trial trying to find out whether all three drugs are necessary. This is because one of the drugs is quite toxic, so if they work out that it is not as important, they would like to offer only two drugs.

“The reason a lot of the families affected by neuroblastoma that we are dealing with are fundraising to go to America for treatment is because they believe the three drugs are better because there is evidence from a trial.

“As Logan missed out on having the treatment in America, it is great that this trial has now started and that he has secured a place on it.

“This trial has been promised since March 2010 and it has taken this long to get it up and running.

“Alder Hey is one of four centres in the UK geared up to take part in this trial and as far as we know, there are two other children in the UK who are in talks with their consultants to get on this trial.

“Logan was in the right place at the right time to get on this trial. However, as the relapse rate is high for neuroblastoma, people should continue to fundraise for Logan.”