LOCAL ELECTIONS 2015: Hyndburn

Ballot box
Ballot box
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Here are all the candidates:


Bolam John Patrick - Green Party

Entwistle Lee - UK Independence Party

Melling Stace - Conservative Party

Parkinson Miles - Labour Party


Brown Walter - UK Independence Party

Harrison June Lillian Mary - Labour Party

Hurn Jean - Conservative Party


Gormley Kerry - Green Party

Hartley David - Labour Party

Pratt Kath - Conservative Party

Scott Stewart Ian - UK Independence Party


Afzal Aqeel

Ayub Mohammad - Labour Party

Matthew Christopher Bret - UK Independence Party

Saleem Mohammed - Conservative Party


Cox Loraine Ann - Labour Party

Raynor Marion - Conservative Party

Taylor Dayle - UK Independence Party


Brierley Stephen - Conservative Party

Clark Liam Finbar - UK Independence Party

Fisher Melissa Margaret - Labour Party


Brown Janet - UK Independence Party

Daly David Samuel Joseph - Green Party

Higgins Eamonn - Labour Party

Whittaker Nick - Conservative Party


Addison Judith Helen - Conservative Party

McCormack Colette - Labour and Cooperative Party

Taylor Mark Anthony - UK Independence Party

Woods Simon Nicholas - Green Party


Cox Paul Ian - Labour Party

Jepson Roger - Conservative Party

Taylor John Errol- UK Independence Party


McGinley Patrick - Conservative Party

Molineux Gareth - Labour Party

Robinson Ian - UK Independence Party

West Joan Elizabeth - Green Party


Bargh John Frank - Conservative Party

Cleary Clare Andrea - Labour Party

Dowling David George - UK Independence Party

St Oswald’s

Allen Lisa - Conservative Party

Smith Kenneth Edward - UK Independence Party

Young Susan Joy - Labour Party

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