Lifeboat crews top table for rescues

RNLI lifeboat
RNLI lifeboat
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Two Lancashire lifeboat crews were among the three busiest in the North of England in 2014, according to RNLI figures.

Blackpool came top with 94 launches to rescue 16 people, while Morecambe came third, going to the aid of 34 people in 55 launches. Tynemouth in the North East came second.

Now the charity is urging people to “respect the water” after the statistics showed volunteer crews in the north launched their lifeboats more than 1,000 times last year.

The 2014 rescue statistics show the 33 RNLI lifeboat stations in the north rescued 930 people during 1,025 rescue launches, while RNLI lifeguards dealt with 1,905 incidents and helped 2,360 people.

Some 34.5 per cent of rescues were to recreational craft (354) and 16 per cent to fishing vessels (164). Machinery failure was the most common cause of rescue with 240 launches.