Life-saving machine handed over to school

Donation: Broughton students with Bernadette Plumb from the Legacy Preston hotel
Donation: Broughton students with Bernadette Plumb from the Legacy Preston hotel
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Kind-hearted staff at a hotel in Preston have donated a defibrillation machine to a school.

Workers at the Legacy Preston International Hotel handed over a defibrillation machine to Broughton Business and Enterprise College after being moved by the British Heart Foundation’s Stayling Alive campaign.

The handover of the £1,000 machine to students at the Woodplumpton Lane school was also motivated by the near-death experience of footballer Fabrice Muamba.

The footballer was revived on the pitch after suffering a cardiac arrest and ‘dying’ for 78 minutes during an FA Cup tie at Tottenham in March last year.

Bernadette Plumb, deputy manager at the Legacy Preston International, on Marsh Lane, in the city, said the hotel team was delighted to help the school with an investment in potentially life saving equipment.

She said: “Although we desperately hope the defibrillator will never have to be used, we are delighted to have been able to donate a machine to Broughton Business and Enterprise College.

“Having access to a defibrillator can quite simply make the difference between life and death and we hope the machine not only gives everyone at the school some peace of mind that it is there but can also help the students in their learning.”

Adele Jones, PE teacher at Broughton Business and Enterprise College, added: “As a school we place huge emphasis on sport and extra-curricular sporting activities.

“A defibrillator will provide reassurance to the staff, parents and students.

“All first aiders will be made familiar with using the device and eventually the rest of the staff and students will receive training.

“This will provide Broughton students with a life skill which can then be used outside of the school setting at various different community venues should they have access to the correct equipment.

“We would like to thanks Legacy Hotels for their generosity and the potential life saving device they have provided the school with.”

Seven out of 10 cardiac arrests in the UK are said to occur outside hospital and when someone suffers a cardiac arrest their chances of survival drop by up to 10 per cent for every minute that passes.

Performing CPR can double the chance of survival and having a defibrillator close is said to further increase a person’s chances by more than a third.