Leyland woman campaigning for dogs to be kept on leads in public spaces: "Staffie owners must take care"

A South Ribble woman is calling for tougher controls on dog walkers after her own dog was savaged by a Staffie in Leyland.

By Digital reporter
Friday, 15th February 2019, 8:23 am
Updated Friday, 15th February 2019, 9:27 am
Gemma Potts with her injured dog Rox
Gemma Potts with her injured dog Rox

Gemma Potts, from Leyland, is speaking out after her four-year-old cairn terrier cross was mauled by a loose Staffordshire bull terrier outside her home in Merlin Grove on Sunday, January 27.

The 28-year-old, who runs her own jewellery making business, said it took five neighbours to prise the Staffie’s jaws open and free her beloved dog Rox.

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Leyland woman seeks changes to the law after Staffie rips dog's belly open in la...
Gemma Potts with her injured dog Rox

She is now campaigning to make it illegal for all dogs to be off their leads in some public spaces.

Gemma said Rox’s stomach was “ripped open” and emergency surgery, at a cost of £1,500, was needed to save his life.

Your views:

Regardless of what people’s perceptions are of the breed, there is no escaping the fact that they have a formidable set of teeth, as proven in this sad case.

Alan Salisbury

All she is saying is dogs should be on leads by law to help prevent attacks in general. Of any which breed, this just happens to be a Staffy that made the attack.

She does not once blame the dog at all if you read properly.

Just that all dogs of any breed should be on leads to help prevent people’s dogs (which to most are part of their family) being hurt or worse killed.

Debbie Taylor

I had a lesser but similar experience. It’s made me really nervous when dog walking.

Louise Gill

I have a Staffie and appreciate that he could do a lot of damage to another dog, and people are wary so I keep him on the lead in public places.

Dogs are unpredictable they sometimes take a dislike to another dog for no reason so better safe than sorry.

Yvette Chambers

I agree about all dogs being on leads except from, say, a dog park.

Also just because your dog is friendly it doesn’t need a lead. It doesn’t mean that my dog on the lead is friendly to other dogs.

You’re asking for trouble.

Damon O’Sullivan

I’ve got Staffies one of mine was attacked by a Jack Russell, my dog was on a lead other wasn’t.

But when going out and he saw a Jack Russell he was wanting to go for it before he got him, dogs don’t forget when they have been attacked.

Debra Bolan

Dogs are very rarely unpredictable.

Staffies are not any more vicious than any other breed when they have been raised correctly and taught how to behave in human society.

Article states that the dog was bred to fight – no it wasn’t!

They were bred for bull baiting in the 1800s, hence the name Bull Terrier!!!

The ignorance of people will see a breed be demonized until it is no more.

Give me a Staffy over a human any day.

Tracy Peregin

This has nothing to do with breed. It’s about owners being responsible and ensuring their dogs are kept on a lead if they are likely to attack another dog or person.

Cath Roberts

The dog came out of the house. We can’t expect dogs to be on a lead inside all the time can we?

Kate Petre