Leyland '˜superhero' Megan to push through the pain barrier to complete triathlon

A 13-year-old '˜superhero' says she will push past the pain barrier to complete a special triathlon.

Monday, 17th July 2017, 10:38 am
Updated Monday, 17th July 2017, 11:41 am
Megan Bradley, from Leyland, will take part in a Superhero Series.

Megan Bradley has bilateral clubfeet, chronic regional pain syndrome and experiences full-body spasms and seizures but that isn’t stopping her competing in a ‘Superhero Series’.

The event will see her take on a Sprint Triathlon which comprises of a 150m open-water swim, a three kilometre bike, and a one kilometre wheelchair push to the finish.

“I have bilateral clubfeet, chronic regional pain syndrome and full-body spasms and seizures,” Megan said.

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Megan Bradley, from Leyland, will take part in a Superhero Series.

“I can’t feel or use my body from my waist down. The swim is going to be my biggest challenge as I have never swam in a lake before and it will be all upper-body strength – and I need to stop talking long enough so I don’t drown!”

Taking place in August, it will be Megan’s debut Superhero Series - the UK’s only sports series dedicated to the ‘Everyday Superhero’ – open to the 12.9 million people with disabilities and long-term injuries.

The first event, the Superhero Tri at Dorney Lake on August 19, invites people with all kinds of disabilities to fly solo or unite with family and friends to take on unique triathlon challenges with as much or as little time and support as they need.

Megan, from Quinscroft in Leyland, will be joining over 2,000 ‘superheroes’ who have already signed up for the event, as well as a whole host of Paralympians and TV personalities – from the Last Leg’s Adam Hills to sporting superstar Jonnie Peacock.

Megan Bradley, from Leyland, will take part in a Superhero Series.

The Worden Academy student said: “Even with my disability, I love sport and have always done sporting activities. At the moment my passion is wheelchair tennis, in which I’ve achieved silver in singles and gold in doubles.

“I also do wheelchair racing and won the chariot event at Mad Dog. What I love is the friends you make with people who have the same love and passion as you.

“I’ve only taken part in one wheelchair race before, so the rest is a huge challenge.”

More than 20 celebrity team captains will be taking part to show their support for the series.

These captains include Six-time Paralympic champion and seven-time London Marathon champion, David Weir and Hannah Cockcroft, the five-time Paralympic champion.

A spokesman for the competition said: “It throws out restrictive rules and regulations that can deter or prevent many people with disabilities from taking part in organised events.

“The emphasis is very much on fun, and wearing masks, capes and pants over tights is positively encouraged.”

Paralympian and Superhero Series founder Sophia Warner said: “I am thrilled that so many Everyday Superheroes now have the opportunity to come together and compete alongside like-minded individuals.

“My own experiences, combined with meeting many sports lovers like Megan over the years who are crying out for more opportunities, are the inspiration for this series.”

The event begins a summer of sport for Megan who will also compete in the British open wheelchair tennis, school games wheelchair tennis and the wheelchair race at the Great North Run.

She said: “I love a challenge and I’m looking forward to being like everyone else for the day. I also hope to inspire others with disabilities, as we can do anything we put our minds to!”