When should you put Christmas decorations up?

In the past,Christmas decorations weren't put up until much later in December.
In the past,Christmas decorations weren't put up until much later in December.

It's nearly December, and while most people across the county would shiver in horror at the thought of putting up their Christmas decorations so early, the date for getting the tinsel out and spraying fake snow on your windows, seems to be getting earlier each year.

So, just when is the right time to put up your Christmas decorations?

In the past, Christmas decorations weren't put up until much later in December.

During the Victorian period decorations came out no earlier than December 22 or 23 — any earlier was thought of as bad luck.

And Roman Catholics also traditionally aimed to avoid any bad luck by waiting until Christmas Eve to decorate their homes.

But a look to other countries seems to suggest an earlier start is in order.

The First Sunday of Advent in the Christian Church falls on the December 3 (ends on 24) this year and this is when the Norwegians and the Swedes, believe is the right time to get the festivities started.

People celebrating Christmas in the US are also eager to get the Christmas party started and many American families get their tree and decorations up as early as the fourth Thursday of November — a week before Thanksgiving.

But over in Germany it seems that many households don’t put up their trees and decorations until Christmas Eve which means fewer brown needles to clean up.

If you're intent on buying a real tree then your decision on when to decorate your home will depend on the lifespan of the tree.

According to The British Christmas Tree Grower’s Association trees should be bought no earlier than December 1 to prevent needles dropping before the big day.

So just when is the best time to put up your decorations?

It appears that most people across the UK opt to put up their decorations around two weeks before Christmas Day, but if you're feeling particularly Christmassy it seems that anything goes!