‘We live in fear without Longridge town police’

"Longridge is becoming a town living in fear"
"Longridge is becoming a town living in fear"
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Longridge’s police station must be reopened in response to a ‘wave of crime and disorder’ says one town councillor.

Deputy mayor Paul Byrne, himself a former special constable, agreed with fellow councillors that Longridge was a “town living in fear”.

The demand follows a catalogue of serious incidents by youth groups in the town, including drug dealing and carrying knives, which councillors told last week’s town council meeting, had been met with a slow response when reported to police.

The incidents had also included fireworks being thrown at people on the Recreation Ground and equipment damaged at a local garage.

And Coun Sarah Rainford told the council she had noted a disturbing list of similar incidents reported on social media.

She said: “Longridge is becoming a town living in fear where people are frightened to go up and down our streets in the evenings.”

Coun Byrne said: “We should be screaming out that our police station in our expanding town should be re-opened.

“Garstang has a police presence still, so why not here in Longridge?”

Council Rainford told the meeting one alarming incident saw police called to a fight which they passed and did not stop, and drug dealing which had been witnessed on Booths parking area and at other car parks.

She said: “There is a strong feeling in Longridge that things have got to change. We have a lot of question.”