UPDATE: M6 closed due to trailer fire

The trailer on fire on the M6 tonight
The trailer on fire on the M6 tonight
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Motorway police have closed the M6 near Preston tonight after a vehicle fire.

The motorway has been closed both northbound and southbound at junction 32 to deal with a trailer, on fire since around 9.30pm.

Despite the lethal-looking nature of the fire – the trailer contained aerosols – police said the driver was uninjured.

Officers have been turning northbound trapped traffic around so that cars can leave the motorway.

At 10.45pm this evening, a single lane was opened to allow the northbound and southbound traffic to file slowly past, before junction 32 was closed again.

It is not known yet when the motorway will reopen, but it is thought that it will be in the early hours of the morning.