Theresa May 'scrapes mould off jam rather than binning whole jar'

Mrs May apparently told colleagues her tips
Mrs May apparently told colleagues her tips
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It is "a matter for the individual" whether to follow Theresa May's reported practice of scraping mould off jam rather than binning the whole jar, Downing Street has said.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the Prime Minister told Cabinet on Tuesday that she did not throw away mouldy jam, but scrapes away the bad bits and carries on eating the rest of the jar.

During a Cabinet discussion on how to cut food waste, Mrs May apparently told colleagues that the preserve left once mould was removed was "perfectly edible" and said consumers should use "common sense" to work out whether the whole jar needed to be dumped.

But her official spokesman was wary of giving advice to voters on their kitchen habits.

When asked by reporters whether the PM thought people should follow her example, the spokesman said: "That is a matter for the individual."

A spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn said that mould was never an issue for the famously jam-loving Labour leader, who makes his own jam with fruit from his allotment.

"Jeremy's love of both making and consuming jam is well-known, and as such he personally never gets to the point of scraping or chucking mould," said the spokesman.