The Chorley sister with a fresh outlook and an eye for staff

Laura and Emily Leyland from Chorley launch Fresh Perspective Resourcing company
Laura and Emily Leyland from Chorley launch Fresh Perspective Resourcing company

Meet the sisters who are doing it for them-selves alongside a dedicated team of women determined to get the job done.

Laura Leyland didn’t set out for a career in recruitment but after more than 10 years working for seven companies she has learnt enough about the industry to separate the do’s from the don’ts.

The team behind Fresh Perspective resourcing launched by sisters Laura and Emily Leyland

The team behind Fresh Perspective resourcing launched by sisters Laura and Emily Leyland

Having grown despondent with the negative connatations related to recruiters, she decided to join forces with sister Emily with a vision to turn round those perceptions.

The pair, from Chorley, set up “Fresh Perspective” in May 2016, re-igniting Laura’s passion for helping companies with their recruitment needs but most importantly putting people at the heart of what they do.

Offering an alternative method to the agency approach, the team operate as recruitment managers, doing the direct recruitment on behalf of the individual company.

Laura says: “We created Fresh because we wanted to share our knowledge, help employers be better at recruitment and treat people as we want to be treated ourselves. We knew from years of experience that customers had probably had a bad experience with recruitment in the past and that’s why we wanted to create a service offering all the advantages of having an internal recruitment team who completely understand the business without having to employ that team full time.

Laura Leyland

Laura Leyland

“Our combined expertise, ability to get to know people, and the time we invest in both clients and candidates mean that we can whittle down the masses to find the perfect fit for any role, first time.

“Alongside headhunting first-class employees to fill vacancies, we advise clients on interview structure, how to write job specs and adverts, selecting job boards and databases, and how to improve their branding using social media and LinkedIn.”

Laura says the idea of Fresh was a bit of ‘a lightbulb moment’ and with the help of Emily, who has a background in IT consultancy and a supportive network, the pair developed a unique recruitment model, which is now paying dividends.

Emily heads up the innovation of projects related to the database and screening process, improving 
efficiency and ensuring quality results to candidates and employers.

Laura adds: “A big part of our uniqueness is our people.

“It’s really important to us to find the right people to fit into the individual business.

“Companies don’t just need somebody with the right skills and qualifications, it’s also about somebody who shares the same values and ethos as the business and who will be a great fit with your existing team.

“We take the time to really get to know our clients and the business, objectives, culture, environment and values and then our job is to share that story with candidates to find the perfect person.

“Our model is time based as opposed to charging placement fees, so businesses are guaranteed to get value for money.

“We are proving that recruitment can be done well by helping companies to recruit the right people first time; people that stay with you for the long haul and at the same time helping brilliant candidates realise their ambitions.”

As well as Laura and Emily, the Fresh team includes Debbie Rypell who helps work with candidates, Laura Wrench in administration, Rosie Christie and newest recruit Evie Skentelbery.

Laura adds: “Despite being sisters, our personalities are very different, and the expanding Fresh Perspective team is growing to be just as diverse.

“Between us, we harbour several hidden talents, including bilingualism, social media wizardry, photography, a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and rapping.

“We want to use our
platform of Fresh Perspective
to help causes we are passionate about, including tackling FGM and domestic violence, and promoting positive body image.

“We called ourselves Fresh Perspective because that’s exactly what we provide and aswe believe that’s what customers, are truly looking for.”