SLIDESHOW: Eric Morecambe Statue costumes through the years

The Eric Morecambe Statue dressed up as a scary clown last weekend. Photo by Seldon Scott.
The Eric Morecambe Statue dressed up as a scary clown last weekend. Photo by Seldon Scott.
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The scary clown makeover of 'our Eric' certainly wasn't the first time the statue has been dressed up over the years.

A scan through our archives revealed that the 'Morecambe and Pennywise' prank on Saturday was the latest in a long line of costume changes for our town's favourite son.

We have classic photos of the Eric Morecambe Statue wearing everything from Morecambe FC colours to snow...even a dressing gown!

Since the sculpture of the town's famous comedian was unveiled by the Queen in 1999, local people and visitors alike have found increasingly ingenious ways to dress him up.

And we've even had people dress up AS the statue....such as Paul Frith at a Morecambe FC v Luton Town match in 2014!

Our photo slideshow also includes:

Eric dressed as a scary clown for Halloween on Saturday, October 28 2017. Photo by Seldon Scott.

Morecambe FC fan Keith Bewley with Eric dressed in Santa hat and Shrimps scarf.

Stephen Brown and Kirsty with Eric in England colours during the 2010 football World Cup.

The statue in a dressing gown at the end of a sponsored toddle in aid of Barnados in 2009.

Eric dressed in a Stella McCartney-designed T-shirt to mark the launch of Red Nose Day 2009. Photo by Bob Collier/PA.

Eric in a winter wonderland!

Morecambe FC fans Les Wray and Harley Horne celebrate the Shrimps' promotion to the Football League in 2007.

Walkers Andrew Brooke, Gill Brooke, Dennis Brickles and Frank Lawson with Elsa the Dog who dressed Eric in a 'Water Aid' T-shirt for a sponsored walk in 2010. Photo by Frank Lawson.

Members of the Laurel and Hardy fan convention dress Eric in a fez in 2010.

Eric with a parking sign in 2016. Photo by Mike Jackson.

The late Steven 'Simmy' Simpson and his wife Jacqui and their wedding guests with Eric in a ska 'pork pie' hat at the statue in 2016. Picture by Mike Jackson.

Eric covered by a cloth just before the statue was re-unveiled in December 2014, two months after it was damaged by a man who hacked at its leg with a saw.