Rollercoaster ride comes to abrupt halt in middle of road

Images of the crash were posted on Facebook
Images of the crash were posted on Facebook
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A road was blocked when a rollercoaster's ride came to an abrupt end.

The incident happened in Trunnah Road, Thornton at around 7pm on Thursday.

A lorry carrying a rollercoaster carriage lost its load close to the junction with Fleetwood Road North.

The blue train themed ride car was captured on camera by Thornton residents lying on its side in the middle of the road.

Nobody has been hurt but those close to the scene reported hearing a 'very large thud' as the coaster car slipped off the trailer.

The lorry is understood to have set off from Red Marsh industrial estate, just a few hundred yards from the accident scene.

The carriages and track were part of the Knightmare ride, once one of the main attrations at the Camelot park near Chorley