Retired couple find 600-year-old Medieval silver broach in farm field

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A Medieval silver broach dating back 600 years which was discovered using a metal detector in a Lancashire field has been declared treasure.

An inquest at Preston Coroner’s Court heard that the 35mm silver dress closure was discovered by a pair of a metal detecting enthusiasts in a farmer’s field in Croston, near Chorley, in October.

The piece is half-an-inch in diameter, with groove decorations around it and a hook believed to have been used to fasten clothes. The piece was found in “immaculate condition”, the inquest heard yesterday, by Ian Gunn, from Heath Charnock, near Chorley, and his wife Sheila.

The retired pair, who are members of the Lune Valley Metal Detecting Club, said the find is one of the most significant in their seven year search compiling historical artifacts across the county.

Mr Gunn said: “It isn’t worth an awful lot of money, perhaps £100 to £200, but it is a link to the historical record of the area.”