Puppies rescued from house fire

Damage from kitchen blaze
Damage from kitchen blaze
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A litter of puppies was rescued from a smoke-filled kitchen during an early morning blaze.

The pets were carried to safety after the occupier of a house in Austwick Road, Lancaster was awoken by a smoke alarm at around 4am on Saturday.

The fire is believed to have started in an electric toaster and caused damage to a worktop, tiles and cupboards.

A fire brigade spokesman said it appeared the blaze happened after the woman occupant had tried to use the toaster to light a cigarette and had then gone off to bed.

When she was woken by the smoke alarm she went downstairs to find a developing fire in the corner of the kitchen.

She took the puppies out of the room to safety and then extinguished the fire using damp clothing. A neighbour, who heard the alarm, called the emergency services.

The spokesman said: “The fire service always advises occupants to get out, stay out and call the fire service out, ensuring that the door is closed on a fire and all occupants are evacuated.

“No attempts should be made to extinguish a fire that has the potential to endanger life.”