Pub's medical heritage celebrated

To many drinkers at a Lancashire pub it will come as a surprise to find the place they enjoy a "medicinal" pint was once the surgery of one of the country's most famous doctors.

Dr Fraser Rose practised at the-then Fylde Road Surgery, Preston, now known as the Guild, living in the adjoining Moss Cottage for nearly 40 years and helping set up the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in 1951.

But it was his co-founder Dr John Hunt, now Lord Hunt of Fawley, who took much of the praise for creating the college which helped pave the way for the professional local doctors we know today.

Now, another former Lancashire doctor wants to put a heritage plaque at the pub where his hero once practised.

Dr David McKinlay, 62, who lives in Clitheroe, has persuaded the North West faculty of the RCGP to buy the plaque and pay the 700 needed to get planning permission to put it on the listed building.

He said: "What Dr Rose did really saved general practice because during the 1950s and 60s it was such an unattractive proposition.

"GPs were working from home, the hours were long, the pay was bad and they were looked upon as second class citizens in the medical profession.

"Today we see it as the jewel in the crown of the health service, a unique system where one doctor looks after you from womb to tomb.

"Without the RCGP it probably would never have developed from the 'cottage industry' it was back in the days of Dr Rose."

"The plaque will bring notice to an unrecognised servant of Preston whose work has benefited everyone in the country."

Aidan Turner-Bishop, chairman of the Preston and South Ribble Civic Trust which has supported Dr McKinlay in his bid, said he remembered the surgery as a derelict "wreck" when he first came to the city in 1977.

He said: "It was only the fact it was a Grade II listed building that stopped it getting demolished, then at the end of the 80s it was turned into the Hogshead pub.

"When you speak to people who have lived around there for years they still remember Dr Rose, so it is quite right he is marked in this way."

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