Preston's army barracks wins stay of execution from Ministry of Defence

Fulwood Barracks in Preston was due to shut in 2022
Fulwood Barracks in Preston was due to shut in 2022
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Preston's army barracks, which had been slated for closure, has won a reprieve.

The Ministry of Defence has announced that Fulwood Barracks in Preston will stay open for five years longer than originally planned.

The barracks - which houses the Lancashire Infantry Museum as well as being a working barracks - had been slated for closure in 2022.

However, the MoD has now announced that it will not shut until 2027.

The MoD said it was an "Updated disposal date following detailed work to assess the optimum laydown required to support operational capability."

Roger Goodwin, speaking on behalf of the Lancashire Infantry Museum on the site, said: "It's a reprieve but a temporary one.

"Great news that there is more time to make the necessary arrangements.

"Our hope is the Museum may remain permanently, but great news we have another five years."