Police probe Pendle Hill UFO report

Pendle Hill sunset: Lee Johnson
Pendle Hill sunset: Lee Johnson
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Police were called in to check out reports of a UFO hovering over Pendle Hill last weekend.

A police spokesman said: “We received a call from a man in Clitheroe at 8-32pm on Saturday night saying he had been watching two UFOs hovering about 3,000ft up at Pendle Hill.”

It was almost like something out of Star Trek moving at warp speed, I have never seen anything move that fast.

George Hunter

The local reports came just 24 hours after a man caught this video footage of an unidentified object speeding through the skies of North West England at night.

George Hunter spotted unusual lights darting across the night sky near his home in Rainford on Friday night. He was baffled by the object but is convinced it was NOT a commercial aircraft.

Mr Hunter said: “I went out last Friday to see a friend, I got back home and was making a coffee, the time was just after midnight. It was through the kitchen window that I saw some very bright lights in a triangular formation, I went outside into the back garden and saw some very bright orange lights in a triangular pattern, no noise or movement, quiet high in the night sky.

“I filmed the lights and zoomed in on them, but only managed to get a short clip on my phone, as the lights suddenly shot off while I was filming them, very fast, and gone in less than a second. It was almost like something out of Star Trek moving at warp speed, I have never seen anything move that fast.

“I live roughly a mile from the town centre, I have no idea what the lights were, I am sure this was no ordinary aircraft such as a plane or helicopter, it simply moved too fast and had no noise, plus I am pretty sure the object was much bigger than some everyday aircraft.

“I have seen aircraft lights at the same height and they look tiny in comparison to what I saw, I am convinced what I saw was a huge object, it is difficult to tell from the clip and it certainly doesn’t do it justice, it was much bigger and brighter to the naked eye.

“I suppose this could have been some type of military aircraft, but this was completely silent and made no noise like a jet engine would have.

“Plus, like I said, this appeared to be to massive. I am stumped as to what the object could have been, I thought I would send it in to see if anyone else might have seen it or have an explanation.”

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