Play your cards right, and joining a bridge club is good for your health

Members of Preston Bridge Club
Members of Preston Bridge Club
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This group of card players often find themselves in Chicago, without even leaving the county.

Preston Bridge Club has been serving the people of the city and surrounding areas for around 60 years.

Members of Preston Bridge Club

Members of Preston Bridge Club

Members meet six days a week at St Walburge’s Centre, in Weston Street, for either supervised play, teaching or competitions.

Veronica Petrie, the club chairman, says: “The exact date of formation of the club is a bit of a mystery, but it has been an important part of the local amenity landscape for a long time.

“Up until four years ago the club had never had a proper ‘home’, having to hire rooms at various locations, including the Masonic Hall and Preston Grasshoppers.

“Then the club managed to find a 24/7 room at St Walburge’s Centre in Weston Street, in the middle of Preston.

“ This also coincided with the club becoming a registered charity and developing some ambitious plans for expansion and growth.

“It has been shown that regularly undertaking some form of activity that requires mental agility helps protect people from dementia as they age. There is also a body of research which demonstrates that social interaction amongst the elderly can stave off cognitive decline.

“Bridge provides both mental stimulation and social engagement – so as well as being enjoyable and not expensive to take part in, it is good for you.

“Preston Bridge Club is a very friendly club and offers something for every player from novice to international.

“If you want to learn to play then we offer lessons.

“If you just want play friendly bridge and get some advice from a teacher as you go along, then that’s fine.

“If you want stiff competition from some of the best players in Lancashire then we’ve got that too.”

If anyone fancies knowing what terms like Chicago, duck or doubleton mean in bridge, give them a try.

The club meets:

l Monday from 1pm for supervised play session, with advice provided by a teacher;

l Monday from 7.15pm for competitive bridge, which is the second strongest session;

l Tuesday from 7.15pm for teaching, which is a starter class and a Year 2 class;

l Wednesday from 1pm for bridge at a friendly but competitive session;

l Thursday from 7.15pm for the strongest competition session;

l Friday from 7.15pm for the most popular competitive session;

l Sunday afternoon for occasional friendly bridge with tea and cakes.

For more information, call 01772 750179 or just come along to one of the sessions.