Peter Andre vows to make it to park party

Rock in the Park star Peter Andre said he will definitely make it to the event – after a dramatic no-show last time he was booked to play Avenham Park.

Andre was to perform there in 1996 at the Party in the Park one day festival – but instead, fans could only listen as he apologised live on radio after being struck down with food poisoning.

The gig, at the height of his Mysterious Girl fame, would have seen him playing alongside a then hotly tipped new girl group, The Spice Girls.

Although he later played a show at Preston Guild Hall in November that year, the star never made it back to Avenham Park, until now.

Speaking to the Evening Post moments after he signed a new 1m record deal yesterday, he swore that, this time, nothing would stop him.

He said: "I remember this so well! I was on tour with Boyzone and I was flying back from Los Angeles, I'd just filmed my Flava video.

"And on the day, it was quite a vain thing when I think about it, because I was so excited about the video and I didn't want to eat and get bloated, I ate very little.

"And the caterers brought out fish and I had one tiny piece of fish and that fish gave me food poisoning.

"And I had to go to hospital and they gave me medication which made me worse.

"They made all sorts of reports that I was dying and all sorts. God, I remember that! Funny how the media doesn't change. It's been, what 13 years?

"But I'm quite honoured that I'm even still around, being spoken of, whether it's in a good or bad or small or big way. I'm in my second decade. It's pretty awesome and I'm pretty excited."

But he swore nothing would keep him from Avenham Park this time. He said: "I'm there! And I'm not having any fish and I'm not doing a video and I'm not watching what I eat!"

His most famous hit, Mysterious Girl, will be a highlight of his Park performance.

But he revealed that Insania, the song he wrote while in the jungle with estranged wife Jordan, is off the menu for good.

He said: "Mysterious Girl will live forever and I'm really happy with that song. But I don't want to hear Insania again."

Despite his marriage split, he insists he is looking to the future, and his new record deal is part of that.

He said: "Obviously the kids always put a smile on my face so I can't say I've been totally unhappy for the last three months.

"But on personal achievement, on a work level, today put a totally different smile on my face that I haven't had for a while."

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