MINI BEAST FROM THE EAST: Yellow weather warnings issued for Lancashire this weekend

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Weather forecasters are predicting snow in parts of Lancashire this weekend, and have issued a yellow warning for residents to 'be aware' of the potential disruption.

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Will the 'Mini Beast from the East' makes its presence felt this weekend?

Will the 'Mini Beast from the East' makes its presence felt this weekend?

The Met Office has issued a number of warnings across the UK, and earlier today expanded the area of one of them to include much of Lancashire.

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A snow and ice warning is in place for north and east Lancashire on Saturday, from 12.05am until 11.55pm.

The Met Office warning for Saturday says: "A band of rain will turn more widely to snow early Saturday morning followed by scattered snow showers through the remainder of the day.

"These showers may become more prolonged, particularly during the evening. Any melting of lying snow will lead to an ice risk on untreated surfaces on Saturday morning and night.

On Sunday the warning of snow and ice has been expanded to cover the whole region, remaining in place from 12.05am on Sunday until 11.55pm, with snow showers 'likely to continue' throughout the day.

"There is a chance of travel delays on roads with some stranded vehicles, along with delayed or cancelled rail and air travel," it said.

"There is a chance power cuts could occur. There is a small chance that some rural communities could become cut off.

"Icy surfaces may increase the risk of accidents and injuries. Significant wind chill will be another factor."

Much of the county suffered traffic disruption when the 'Beast from the East' hit earlier this month. This latest weather front has been dubbed 'Mini Beast from the East' by some of the media.