McDonalds to open on Christmas Day

demand: Nigel Dunnington hopes to attract even more Christmas Day customers
demand: Nigel Dunnington hopes to attract even more Christmas Day customers
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A fast food restaurant is offering diners a not-so-festive alternative on Christmas Day.

McDonald’s on the Deepdale Retail Park in Preston will be opening on December 25 for the second year running in response to customer demand.

It will open for breakfast at 9am and serve customers until 6pm.

Today,Vicar of Preston Fr Timothy Lipscomb said it was “a pity” but said he understood it might be handy for people working on the festive day.

Nigel Dunnington, franchisee of eight McDonald’s restaurants, said he hoped to double the 150 sales made on Christmas Day last year.

He said: “I guess the interesting part was the two quieter hours were between 2pm and 4pm when people would have been eating their Christmas dinner. The busiest hours were breakfast and later in the evening with families, mums and dads and taxi drivers on the way somewhere stopping off for breakfast or a cup of coffee.

“Families will be together and having their Christmas dinner together.

“Are people going to trade in their turkey for a Big Mac and fries? Probably not.

“There’s been the odd person I’ve spoken to who doesn’t think we should be doing it.

“That’s fine, I respect their view. I hear more supportive than non supportive.

“It’s all customer-driven to be honest. A lot of people have to work Christmas Day and there will be people around on Christmas Day who’ve got nowhere to go.

“Not everybody lives in the ideal family.”

He said staff had been “queuing up” to work the shift and said: “My manager and staff are happy and customers are voting with their feet.”

Fr Timothy said: “It’s a pity they have to open for everybody on that day but I think one has to be a little realistic.

“I think you have to take into account the fact there are some people who have to work on holy feast days and holidays.

“If they’re on shifts and nothing else is open, you can understand them wanting to pop into McDonald’s.

“I think for the general public to use McDonald’s on Christmas Day is a bit sad.

“The spirit of Christmas isn’t just the food, it’s the coming together around the table.”