Man attacked partner in row over bacon butty

A breakfast argument over who was going to make the bacon sandwiches led to a man battering his girlfriend and chasing her round their Freckleton home.

William Baker, 28, of Taylor Street, Preston, pleaded guilty to assaulting Theresa Fitzpatrick.

He was bailed until March 3 for pre-sentence reports by Blackpool magistrates, who said he could return to his previous address at Auster Crescent, Freckleton, as his girlfriend had moved out.

Susan Starr, prosecuting, said Baker woke his girlfriend on February 3 at 9.30am and there was a row over who was going to make the bacon sandwiches.

He then hit her on the side of the head, the court heard.

She went into the kitchen and he smashed a glass. She fled and he ran after her and pushed her on to a bed, before punching her in the face.

She then locked herself in the bathroom and when police arrived he pleaded with her, "Tell them you fell over".

Steven Townley, defending, said: "Instead of having a discussion about whose turn it was to make the bacon butties, they both started throwing things about.

"My client recognised things were getting out of hand and he rang the police. Instead of waiting for the police to arrive he tried to manhandle her out."

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