Liam Gallagher in new Twitter rant at 'fake' brother Noel

Liam Gallagher who has questioned his brother's singing abilities
Liam Gallagher who has questioned his brother's singing abilities
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Ex-Oasis star Liam Gallagher has attacked his brother Noel, questioning his singing abilities and calling him fake.

The pair have been engaged in a long-standing feud since the band, famous for hits such as Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger and Champagne Supernova, split in 2009.

Now Liam, 44, who is releasing a new record, has launched a Twitter rant against his older sibling.

He criticised his brother's wardrobe, writing: "See the fake bombing about in his Stone Island (clothing) again coz he's in Manc. He'll be back in his Prada first thing tomorrow."

And he boasted that he will be playing Oasis hits like Don't Look Back In Anger on his live tour, adding: "bout time they were done proper".

He added: "To all you NG (Noel Gallagher) fanboys I can and will sing any song he wrote bigger, better than him even if I was kicked in the bollox by a wood pigeon."

Liam told fans: "To the people who dig what I'm about, I know you'll freak out as it's proper. To the people who hate what I'm about I hope it sends you mad."

The rant is not the first time Liam has criticised his brother on Twitter - he branded the singer a "potato" on social media last year.

Noel hit back, saying: "That's so unlike him. I guess it was about him staying relevant. If you're him, what else is there to tweet about."

Oasis emerged as one of Britain's biggest-selling bands in the 1990s.