LATEST: Flood alert for Lancashire as big thaw brings fresh weather woes

Two flood alerts are in place for Lancashire
Two flood alerts are in place for Lancashire
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Two flood alerts are in place for Lancashire as rising temperatures and wet weather brings fresh problems.

Flood alerts are in place for the Wyre Estuary and around the coast of Morecambe Bay today.

Forecasters predict tidal spray and onshore flooding may occur to roads and properties along the coast from around 11.30am.

The tide is expected to peak between 11.30am and 2.30pm but forecasters say high waters will remain a risk for hours after the peak.

Coastal roads and low lying land are most at risk.

A total of 16 flood warnings and 35 flood alerts remain in force across England, as the Environment Agency warned of a potential surge in water levels.

But forecasters say a gradual thaw will continue to take hold for many places and the mercury could reach as high as 9C in some places.

Met Office forecaster Becky Mitchell said: "The main point is it's gradually turning milder so we are seeing an end to widespread cold conditions from this weekend onwards."