Lancaster neighbours face pure hell over drug den flat

Arcon House, Lancaster.
Arcon House, Lancaster.

Neighbours have described their “pure hell” as they struggle to live near a flat rife with drug dealing and anti-social behaviour.

For years residents have battled to cope with drug activity, loud music and strangers patrolling the grounds at Arcon House on Heaton Road, Lancaster.

Visitors to the flat have bullied tenant Peter Kelly, forcing him to sleep on his own sofa while they grew cannabis in his bedroom.

Now Mr Kelly’s flat has been slapped with a closure order – banning visitors to the property – due to the constant torment they cause for neighbours.

One resident said the experiences are a “living nightmare” and the recent action is doing nothing to stop trespassers.

“It has just been pure hell,” said the neighbour.

“It is a nightmare.

“People have been round for drugs, there is all sorts going on.

“Nothing seems to deter them, fair enough there is a closure notice but in the long run what is that going to do?”

The catalogue of misery for neighbours includes:

*Drug dealing outside their doors;

*Windows being smashed as visitors demand to get in;

*Being woken up in the early hours by flat buzzers, loud music and thumping up the stairways;

*People paying for drugs with sex

*A strong smell of cannabis coming from the flat.

Lancaster City Council and the police called for the closure order on number 30 where Mr Kelly, who has mental health difficulties, has lived for a number of years.

Read the full court story on the closure here

“It is just horrendous, it has just been an absolute nuisance,”
said one neighbour.

“They have been bullying Peter, robbing all his money.

“My little one is waking up all the time.

“The worst thing was drug dealing outside my front door, three girls and one boy right outside.

“I am just glad he is not allowed any more visitors, hopefully me and my baby can get some sleep.”

Another neighbour said: “It is rife, every time I walk past his door there is a stench of drugs.

“I have been kept awake for a week straight.

“Two days after moving I got woken up at 4.30am, some p***ed up woman smashed my window and then asked me if anyone was in.

“I said I don’t know it’s half four in the morning!”

A neighbour said the security entrance door is never locked so anyone can just walk in.

The closure order enforced by the Magistrates Court prohibits access to the premises for three months but some neighbours feel more should be done.

“The day after that order got put in I called the police twice,” said another neighbour.

“They don’t care for the law or the council or the police. I have begged them, I have cried, they are really not bothered.”

Now many neighbours are considering moving elsewhere to be rid of the nuisance.