Lancashire MP Nigel Evans will NOT support Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal

Nigel Evans MP
Nigel Evans MP
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Lancashire MP Nigel Evans has revealed he will not support the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal when it comes before Parliament.

On Wednesday the Prime Minster Theresa May met with her Cabinet in Downing Street where they accepted a draft deal for the United Kingdom leaving the European Union next year.

This was followed by a number of Cabinet and ministerial resignations including Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab in opposition to the deal Mrs May had brought back from Brussels.

Mr Evans, who represents the Ribble Valley constituency, said: “What I see in this draft deal is not the Brexit that I voted for, and not the Brexit that the Ribble Valley constituency voted for.

"I cannot support an Irish backstop arrangement that threatens the Union and leaves us indefinitely within a version of the Customs Union and the Single Market.

"The negotiation has conceded far too much ground on all of the key points.

“I cannot vote for this deal with a clear conscience, and will not jeopardise the Brexit process by settling for such a flimsy deal."