Iguana smuggled into UK in bra

A young iguana is enjoying its new home at Blackpool Zoo after being smuggled into the country in a bra.

An eagle-eyed police officer at Blackpool International Airport stopped a Russian woman after spotting that something was "moving" inside her dress.

During a search by a female security guard the iguana peeked out from the top of her bra.

The woman, described as a young attractive Russian, admitted the iguana was hers and that she had been wrong to attempt to smuggle it through in her underwear.

After being told she would not be prosecuted she agreed to let her 'pet' be adopted by the zoo.

Sue Kendrick, Communications Manager at Blackpool International Airport, said: "Due to the security measures in place at the airport, we are used to confiscating many items. But we never expected to see an iguana."