Here's how you can avoid a workplace slump

Dead end job
Dead end job
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If you feel like you’re stuck in a dead end job you’re not alone because latest research has revealed that over 80 per cent of UK workers have experienced a career slump in their working lives.

The research, from training platform, Course Library, surveyed 1,200 participants between the ages of 18 and 64 about their job satisfaction and discovered most people blamed their a lack of progression(32.5 per cent) on their career slump. The study also found a lack of training and development (17.2 per cent) as another cause in workers feeling less than inspired in the workplace. Naturally, a career that isn’t progressing can result in occupational burn-out.

Burning out at work will happen gradually over time, with the signs including apathy towards work, irritability, difficulty focussing and trouble negotiating a work/life balance.

It’s not difficult to pinpoint the cause of a workplace slump though as the responsibility normally lies with the employer as Jazz Gandhum, founder of Course Library, explains.

“This latest research by Course Library clearly demonstrates that a high percentage of UK workers experience dissatisfaction in their job roles, where lack of career progression, or training and development opportunities, are often to blame.”

He continues, “Traditionally, many businesses fail to offer regular training and development, with cost and time out of the office being key factors,” he says.

“By enhancing your employees’ skill-sets through online courses, organisations of all sizes can benefit from lower training costs, a stronger workforce and the likelihood of a higher staff retention rate.”

“It’s clear from our findings that many employees in the UK are hitting roadblocks in their careers,” adds Lee Biggins, co-founder of Course Library. “Employees need to feel as if they are moving forward in their careers and this can only be achieved if organisations are

offering the right opportunities and helping members of staff to expand their skill-sets, develop and grow alongside the business.”

Employees aren’t leaving it up to their employer to cure their occupational slump though as the research from Course Library also found most employees (28.2 per cent) hope to enhance their skill set through online learning courses, others (23 per cent) have spoken with their manager about career progression opportunities and some (20 per cent) have asked for a workplace mentor, showing there’s an appetite for career progression.