Helicopter causes 999 ‘UFO’ panic

FLYING HIGH: A woman in Preston mistook the police helicopter for a UFO
FLYING HIGH: A woman in Preston mistook the police helicopter for a UFO
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Was it a bird? Was it a plane?

Or are we talking occupants of interplanetary craft? Well, it was a police helicopter hovering over Preston actually, official reports suggest.

Lancashire Police dealt with six alleged unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings this past year, new Freedom of Information Act figures reveal.

Reports include not only UFO and alien sightings but also X-Files-type concerns that the US Government carrying out an harassment campaign.

That included a call from a woman just before midnight last August in Ribbleton, Preston, saying a UFO was hovering over her house, preventing her from sleeping.

She was informed it was in fact the police helicopter.

Meanwhile, in Blackpool, one caller claimed aliens were trying to get him and were listening to all his conversations.

Another Fylde coast caller claimed official American harassment, suggesting aliens had implanted something in his brain and body as a child which was interfering with his thoughts.

Elsewhere, a drunken caller in Burnley reported seeing an alien, while a concerned Skelmersdale mother requested advice after her son reported a similar sighting.

The calls logged also included one from a Chorley school warning this June they were letting off a weather balloon the following week, in case it was reported locally as a UFO.

A police spokesman said: “All calls to Lancashire Police are dealt with in a sensitive and sensible manner.”

Recently-released Ministry of Defence (MOD) records for 2009 - previously deemed top secret - suggested at least 16 visits from alien craft in just nine months in Lancashire.

Of those, four were reported in the skies above Preston, including one where three bright lights were spotted at around 8.45pm on March 29 that year.

The MOD UFO Desk and Hotline file report alleged the lights travelled in the same direction about two minutes apart, before the third disintegrated.

Three days later, Leyland was reportedly visited by a bright object which hovered over the town for around seven minutes.

The hotline closed in 2009.