Darling, how about a little quiet bucket for two?

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KFC Preston Portway is doing something a little out of the ordinary this Valentine’s Day.

Tonight you and your not very loved one can be treated to a unique KFC experience.

You’ll be offered table service, candlelit supper and roses whilst the two of you dine upon delicious KFC chicken. Just pause for a minute, and imagine the look on your partner's face.

A Zinger Burger might just be the very thing to add some much needed spice to your lukewarm relationship.

“My, it's quiet in here”

Treat yourselves a selection of sides, drinks and desserts, but hang on, you're classier than that. How about going for a full three course experience? They're worth it, right?

And then, at the end of a perfect evening, feel that true connection as you gaze into each others eyes and share a lemon scented wipe.

Their amazing offer is only available between 16:00-21:00 on Tuesday 14th February, so you haven't long to make the big decision that could shape your futures for ever.

If you're still a couple by the end of the night, let us know how you got on, and don't forget to send us pictures.