Clothes and haircuts for Preston’s homeless

Andrea Tierney-Smith of The Gents Room Barbershop
Andrea Tierney-Smith of The Gents Room Barbershop
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A city barber is working to help the homeless community in Preston, offering free clothes and free haircuts to those who need them.

Andrea Tierney-Smith, who worked with homeless people before she became a barber, said she wanted to help however she can and said: “I hate seeing injustice”.

The mum-of-three, who works at The Gents Room Barbershop above Jo and Cass in the city centre, is working to set up regular sessions, and invited homeless organisations to contact her.

Andrea, 43, used to run a charity in Blackpool where people would donate clothes, her mum would wash them, and she would hand them out to those in need.

She began offering hairdressing for people living on the streets, and is working to do the same in Preston.

She said: “I started working at The Gents Room about two years ago, and there’s quite a lot of homelessness in Preston.

“I met someone who works at Bay 6 Project (a Leyland scheme providing accommodation and support to homeless youngsters), so I am going to start doing it there.

“Sometimes a shave and a haircut can make someone feel a million dollars - whether you live in a house, a tent or a shop doorway.”

Andrea said she also gave out clothing in the city, and left bags of items in an area close to the barbers where homeless people often gather.

She said: “I started taking bags of men and women’s clothing and leaving them in the doorway.

“I come at the end of the day and the bags have been rummaged through.”

Organisations which would like Andrea’s help can call her on 07477440978.