Can anyone solve this little piggy mystery?

One of the little pigs which turned up in a back garden in Hutton.
One of the little pigs which turned up in a back garden in Hutton.
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A family near Preston are trying to solve a porker of a mystery after two uninvited guests appeared in their back garden.

Staring back at Neil Cross and his wife were two little pigs, which had somehow made their way into the garden at Hutton.

Neil, 51, a photographer for Evening Post, has no idea where the little animals came from, but he is hoping they can be reunited with their rightful owners.

It is though that the two pigs are adults but because of their small size, Neil believes they might be micro pigs.

The family discovered them at around 5pm today.

Neil said: “It was around teatime and my wife suddenly started screaming excitedly.

“I rushed to the back of the house and saw these two little pink and black pigs.

“They were quite shy at first but after my wife and the children gave them some apples, they were much more friendly.

“There is a busy road near us so I imagine they have just walked down the road and somehow sneaked into our back garden

“They appear to be completely tame and well looked after, so someone somewhere will be missing them.”

Anyone who can help shed light on the mystery and return the pigs to their owners can leave a message post after this story.