Band of brothers are really Ed’s cup of tea

Will Shaw, Tim Shaw, Michael Buer and Gary Brade with Ed Sheeran at the Shaw's house
Will Shaw, Tim Shaw, Michael Buer and Gary Brade with Ed Sheeran at the Shaw's house
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“When he left our house, we just all looked at each other and thought ‘Did that really happen?”

A rising music star with a penchant for a good brew and powershowers gave three music-loving brothers a bizarre day they will never forget.

Singer songwriter Ed Sheeran arrived in Preston yesterday afternoon feeling grubby and in need of a pick-me-up ahead of his sold-out gig at the Mad Ferret last night.

So when he pleaded on Twitter for someone to allow him to use their shower and put the kettle on in return for an impromptu living-room gig, the Shaw trio came calling.

Harry Shaw, 18, of West Cliff, Broadgate, jumped in his Vauxhall Corsa and raced to the Fylde Road venue.

He said: “When we got here we couldn’t see him so we went home. Then we saw another Twitter message saying he was being serious. So we went back and he just walked around the corner. I asked him if he still needed a shower, he said ‘yes’, so off we went.”

Brother Tim, 21, said: “He had a cup of tea, then a shower then played six songs in our front room. We told our mates and there must have been 20 of us in here listening to him.

“Then we made him another brew, had a chat about music then drove him back.

“He gave us three guestlist tickets for the gig. He must have been here for about two-and-a-half hours” Will, 23, said: “After he left, we all just looked at each other and couldn’t believe we had just had a guy who has had a number one single play six songs in our front room.”

Speaking after the show, Ed said: “I woke up too late to get a shower so decided to put it out there on Twitter, like you do.

“I ended up at the lovely Shaw household - had an amazing powershower - and had a few cups of tea and played some songs for them. I’m just a regular guy and it was great fun.”

Will said: “I was a big fan before but even more after that.

“It was an amazing day.”