Auction for Peter Kay gig in Blackpool raises more than half-a-million pounds

Peter Kay
Peter Kay

More than half-a-million pounds was raised for Children in Need by an auction selling tickets to a Peter Kay gig - due to take place in Blackpool.

Listeners to Chris Evans' Breakfast Show flooded lines with bids for a chance to win a pair of golden tickets to the show which will take place at the Pavilion Theatre in July.

Producers revealed that the lowest winning bid was £8,240 with the highest bid coming in at a whopping £40,150.

The audience were told on the BBC Radio 2 programme that Peter would even be putting them up in B&Bs overnight and getting them fish and chips from the Cottage chippy.

Peter Kay said: "I listened into the show on Monday and thought I couldn't come in to the show and not offer something up for Children in Need.

"It's just bad form, so I decided to do an intimate show.

"I went to Blackpool and found a theatre at the Blackpool Winter Gardens. "

The pair joked about how how they had discussed where the show should take place with Peter saying Chris had said it should be in London because "there's more money down South" - a claim hotly denied by an embarrassed Evans.

A spokesman for BBC Radio 2 said: "The Radio 2 listeners are extremely generous when raising funds for BBC Children In Need, and as Peter is a great friend of Radio 2 and The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, we thank him for generously creating this incredible auction prize to help sick and disadvantaged children across the UK."

The auction raised £633,225 which will be added to the £6.1 million already raised so far this year for Children in Need by Evans' charity auctions.