£2k reward on offer after mutilated dog dumped in Overton

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A reward is being offered for information leading to conviction after a black female greyhound was found dead with her right ear cut off in Overton.

Caged North West have now named the dog Petal and have teamed together with another greyhound protection group ‘Greytexploitations’ to offer a £2,000 reward for any information that may lead to a successful prosecution of the person responsible for the dogs suffering.

The dog who was not microchipped was also badly neglected before death, her body in very poor condition weighing just 17kg with numerous bald patches.

Greyhound protection group ‘Caged North West’ discovered the dog’s body after spotting a photograph that was shared on the social media site ‘Facebook’

Caged had called the local council, RSPCA and wardens who said they had no reports of a dead greyhound in the area.

Caged North West searched the area themselves.and were horrified to find the dog dumped behind a water tank nearby the cattle grid a few yards from Main Street in Overton.

It is believed the person who dumped the dog had originally dumped her without removing her ear but later returned to the scene to carry out the amputation after the photograph was posted on Facebook, as the ear was in tact when the photograph was taken.

The final results of an in depth post mortem are being awaited.Caged North West later placed CCTV in the area where the body was found and have video footage of a person with a dog actively searching the small area of ground behind the water tank, specifically where Petal was dumped.

A spokesman for Caged North West said: “We urge this person to come forward so we can eliminate them from any future investigations as the footage is in the process of being submitted to Lancaster police.

“We are also interested to know who originally spotted the dead dog and posted the original photograph to Facebook, as the posting was later removed.”

Anyone with information can contact either of the following numbers discreetly:

Caged North West - 07508 847162

GreytExploitations on 07958 729798 .