LATEST: Huge turnout in West Lancs

Rosie Cooper
Rosie Cooper
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Votes are still being counted in West Lancashire after all the ballot boxes and postal votes were verified.

Postal votes have seen an 87% return rate. Overall turnout is not yet known but expected to be high.

There are six candidates in West Lancashire, incumbent Rosie Cooper for Labour; Paul Greenall, Conservative; Daniel Lewis, Liberal democrat; Jack Sen UKIP; Ben Basson for the Green Party and David Oswald Braid for the War Veterans pro-traditional family party.

Mr Braid, who is standing in his 20th election, said: “I’m a former soldier and police officer and I care deeply about protecting family values in this constituency.

“I’ve made a career of rooting out corruption and I’d love to be MP of West Lancashire so I can continue to do the same.”

Next candidate to arrive was Green Party candidate Ben Basson. Ben believes the campaign has gone well and that the people of West Lancs have been receptive to his party.

Mr Basson said: “I went to work today and then went out to vote for myself which was weird. Everyone’s been great and we’ve been received well on the doorstep. We’re just hoping we can increase our share of the vote.”