LATEST: Dig begins in hunt for stricken puppy

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Digging is under way in an attempt to rescue a puppy trapped in a badger sett for more than three days.

Council experts are now using a mini digger to try to find the missing dog.

A major search from fire crews was unable to locate the missing pooch, and RSPCA bosses, council teams, Lancashire Badger Group representatives and a Dyno Rod engineer were on site desperately searching for Mitzi.

Owner Mark Jackson, 46, has been waiting anxiously in the woodland since Saturday evening.

He said: “I’m frustrated. Time is of the essence and it’s running out.

“I just want closure.

“It’s the not knowing that’s the issue, I’m hoping it’s a happy ending.

“Everyone has been brilliant.”

Mitzi ran into the set while walking with Mark’s children Milli and Jack on Saturday, and has not been seen since.