LATEST: Chorley’s local election count as it happens

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The results are coming in quickly for the local elections in Chorley.

The first result of the afternoon saw the Conservative group’s deputy leader, Paul Leadbetter, hold his Chisnall seat, beating Labour’s Steve Holgate.

Coun Leadbetter received 1,433 votes, compared to 899 for Mr Holgate, with a turnout of 71.79 per cent.

In Chorley East, Terry Brown was elected for Labour, securing 1,861 votes. Conservative Mike Devaney was second with 642 votes, followed by UKIP’s Christopher Suart with 554 votes and Green Robert Daykin with 148 votes. Turnout was 62.22 per cent.

In Adlington and Anderton, Labour’s June Molyneaux held her seat for Labour, taking 1,936 votes. Conservative Charlotte Woods received 1,285 votes, with 693 votes for UKIP’s Stuart Rickaby and 248 votes for Liberal Democrat Philip Pilling. Turnout was 71.3 per cent.

In Astley and Buckshaw, Conservative leader Mark Perks held his seat, with 1,518 votes. Labour’s Dan Croft, who is currently Mayor of Adlington, was second with 1,194 votes, followed by UKIP’s Jeffrey Mallinson with 351 votes. Turnout was 70.7 per cent.

In Chorley North West, Labour held the seat, with Aaron Beaver picking up 1,636 votes. Conservative Peter Malpas got 1,321 votes and UKIP candidate Julia Smith got 479 votes. Turnout was 73.1 per cent.

In Chorley North East, Labour’s Marion Lowe held her seat, with 1,651 votes. Conservative Tom Norris got 770 votes, UKIP’s Thomas Sharrock got 526 votes and Green’s Claire Ashworth got 159 votes. Turnout was 62.32 per cent.

In Chorley South East, Labour’s Paul Walmsley got 1,812 votes to hold his seat, with Conservative Sarah Kiley picking up 1,130 votes, UKIP’s Shaun Jones getting 578 votes and Liberal Democrat David Porter getting 134 votes. Turnout was 66.4 per cent.

In Chorley South West, the current Mayoress of Chorley, Margaret Lees, won for Labour with 1,855 votes. Conservative Harold Heaton was second with 1,087 votes and UKIP’s Phillip Smith got 646 votes. Turnout was 60.18 per cent.

Fifteen seats are up for grabs on Chorley Council after local elections were held in 15 of the 20 wards around the borough yesterday.

Before the election, the composition of Chorley Council was: 32 Labour councillors, 13 Conservative councillors and two independent councillors.

Fifteen of the 47 seats are up for grabs. Nine of these seats had been held by Labour councillors and six were held by Conservative councillors.

Labour leader, Coun Alistair Bradley, is feeling positive ahead of the full results.

He said: “I’m hopeful that we will maintain seats that we already have and maybe win the odd seat.

“Obviously it wasn’t a great night for Labour but I think locally we can show Labour in Chorley is as strong as it ever was.

“Our MP increased his majority significantly and I’m hoping we can maybe pick up one council seat or two.”

Coun Leadbetter said the Conservatives were also hoping to make some gains.

He said: “It’s going to be what it will be.

“We are hoping to gain one, maybe two, seats from the Labour group, but other than that, we will have to see how it goes.

“We are certainly hoping we won’t lose any councillors.”

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