Late blast of summer brings feelgood factor

Cooling down at Penwortham Priory Sports and Technology College
Cooling down at Penwortham Priory Sports and Technology College
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It’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

And as temperatures this weekend soar to as high as 27C, breaking recent records for the time of year, everybody should be happy.

If you’re not convinced, take some advice from psychologist Prof Cary Cooper, pro vice-chancellor at Lancaster University, who believes the sunny weather will provide a welcome boost before winter.

He said: “It’s effect isn’t just physiological.

“The full spectrum light improves the immune system and generally makes people feel happier.

“Even if you don’t suffer from seasonal effective disorder most people go into a kind of psychological hibernation when the days begin to shorten.

“When the sun shines people have fewer inhibitions, spend more time outside and become more informal.

“It’s just what we need before winter.”

With forecasts that today will reach 27C, beating the last high of 26.2C, recorded on September 21, 2006, at Moor Park, local attractions were also preparing for record numbers of visitors.

Brockholes at Samlesbury has laid on extra staff for its Sunday guided walk, and has also kept on its summer trail attraction for an extra week.

Lorraine Cheesmur, events manager, said: “We’ve had an extremely quiet September until this week, when we’ve been very busy indeed.

“The rain has been horrendous, but we’ve still managed to hit our summer visitor targets.

“And this final blast of sunshine is a great way to lead into our autumn programme of events.”