Lancashire transplant lad gets shock of his life when James Bond drops in

Jack Johnstone, nine, of Hoghton, near Preston with James Bond star Daniel Craig at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Jack Johnstone, nine, of Hoghton, near Preston with James Bond star Daniel Craig at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital.
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Nine-year-old Jack Johnstone couldn’t believe his eyes when Hollywood megastar Daniel Craig walked into his hospital room.

Jack, of Hoghton, near Preston, has cystic fibrosis and recently underwent a double lung transplant to give him a new lease of life.

Although the transplant was successful, it is still early days and Jack has had to return to London’s Great Ormond Street a number of times after battling infections.

Jack is currently back in hospital after feeling unwell and has undergone a bronchoscopy and biopsy, as well as having chest drains fitted.

However, Jack was given a massive lift and left shaken and stirred when Daniel Craig dropped in to pay him a visit in hospital.

The 007 actor spent around 15 minutes chatting to Jack and his dad Kevin and admired Jack’s transplant scar.

Dad Kevin, 36, who is in London with Jack while wife Tina is in Lancashire with their daughter Isobelle, admits Jack was far better at recognising the star than he was.

Kevin said: “I left Jack’s bedside to go and get myself a coffee.

“As I walked down the corridor, this guy walked past me and smiled at me. I said: ‘Hiya, mate’ and carried on walking thinking: ‘I know you from somewhere.’

“It was only when I got down to the hospital canteen that it suddenly dawned on me: ‘That was Daniel Craig!”

The James Bond actor, who is also rumoured to have a cameo role as a stormtrooper in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, paid a visit to Great Ormond Street to meet the children and Jack was delighted to have the chance to talk to him.

Kevin said: “When Daniel Craig first walked into the room, Jack said: ‘I know who you are – you’re James Bond!

“Jack has watched a few Bond films and enjoyed Skyfall so it was wonderful for him to actually meet Daniel Craig.

“Jack showed Daniel his scar and he said: ‘Wow, I have got lots of scars but nothing like that!’ He was really friendly and chatty and was just a normal, genuine guy.

“Daniel didn’t talk about himself as he was just interested in hearing from Jack and how he was doing.

“Jack was due to go down to theatre that afternoon and was feeling a bit down in the dumps, so this visit from Daniel was perfect timing and really cheered him up.

“Once I realised who he was, I was a bit starstruck myself!

“It was quite funny as after hearing Daniel was coming on the ward, all the nurses said they would take their breaks later on.”

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