Lancashire residents dump millions of tonnes of fat down the drains

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The average Lancashire household pours a whopping 14lbs of fat, oils and grease down their drains each year, a research study by United Utilities has found.

In total, 2.9m stone - the weight of more than 243,000 adults - is forced down the pipes in the North West alone, 
according to the study.

United Utilities also found that more than one in five people (22 per cent) in Preston are unaware that putting oil and fat down sinks and toilets can lead to blockages.

A further 12 per cent say they do know, but still do it anyway. Adrian Booth, from United Utilities, said: “We are always being called out to unblock pipes and sewers clogged with solidified fats.

“Fixing problems is both costly and disruptive, and on those occasions it can result in an unwanted hefty bill.”