Lancashire pub finds novel way to spice up the EU referendum debate

IN OR OUT: Farming Minister, George Eustice
IN OR OUT: Farming Minister, George Eustice
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In a few weeks we’ll all be heading to the polls but in one Lancashire pub voters hit the pumps to decide whether or not Britain should stay in Europe.

The Waddington Arms, near Clitheroe, put on a pair of specially brewed ales for the vote in and vote out campaigns.

Drinkers were given separate Vote In or Vote Out ales mats and glasses depending on their political persuasion.

And if the results are anything to go by, Britain could be facing a swift exit come polling day.

Drinkers voted overwhelmingly in favour of Brexit, with 296 Vote Out pints drunk compared to just 11 for the Vote In ale.

Unsurprising really when the event was organised by Ribble Valley’s vote leave co-ordinator Ged Mirfin and Paul White, regional director of the Vote Leave campaign North West.

Coun Mirfin said: “We thought it would be a good way to get people together to share their views so I approached a guy I knew at Bowlands Brewery and he helped us brew two different ales for the vote in and vote out campaigns.

“The turn out was brilliant. All in all I think there was around 500 people, with the vast majority voting to leave. It really helped that it was a nice warm day and people were really enthusiastic about it.”

Farming Minister George Eustice also went along to pull a pint or two, sharing his views on why he was voting to leave. “He went down really well,” said Coun Mirfin. “He’s very approachable and sat down with a pint to share his reasons as to why he was going to vote to leave the EU.”

Coun Mirfin believes the results show the strength of feeling to leave the EU in Ribble Valley.

He said: “I think the amount of people buying vote out pints is indicative of how people in the borough feel. Ribble Valley is a very strong vote out region, there’s a lot of support for the campaign.”

Ken Hind, Ribble Valley councillor, said: “The In campaign will pressing the need to stay in the single market in the EU which accounts for 50 per cent of trade and on which 475,000 jobs in the North West are linked.

“Our week end message is that we will not solve our immigration issues by leaving the EU. Over half of current immigration is from outside the EU and the National Health Service, which employs 130,000 EU doctors and nurses, would be under real threat if they are not able to be employed in the UK.”