Lancashire nurse demands better hospital parking facilities

Staff are demanding for better parking facilities at Royal Preston Hospital
Staff are demanding for better parking facilities at Royal Preston Hospital
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Staff at Royal Preston Hospital have described parking facilities as ‘unsafe and unfair’, with demands for improvements made to hospital bosses.

Christine Weaver, pictured, who has worked at RPH since December 2016, was provided with an out of hours pass (OOP) by the hospital.

This means that even though she works full time, with 14.5 hour shifts starting at 7am and finishing at 9:30pm - as well as night shifts - Christine is can only park on site after midday in the week.

Days when she starts earlier means she has to park one and a half miles away at Preston Business Centre on Watling Street Road.

She and others parked there have to walk to and from the hospital or get a bus.

The 32-year-old from Kirkham said: “I love where I work but it’s a massive problem. It’s making me anxious walking back in the dark.

"People around the area will know it's used for staff parking. I don't feel safe."

The health care assistant of 10 years said: “I’ve had three tickets totaling £60 so far for parking on the hospital car park when I’ve been on nights and still been in the car park the following morning.

“The problem with the bus is that the last bus runs at 9:25pm and my shift doesn’t finish until at least 9:30pm.

“I would have to leave my shifts at 9:15pm, leaving the ward understaffed - at probably the most critical time as handover is being taken by all the trained staff - just to ensure I get my bus."

Christine, along with seven others on her hospital ward with OOPs, now want clarity over who the issue should be raised with.

The now Wharles resident said: “Our ward manager has been really good but we’ve heard nothing from above.

“All we want is for those of us who work shifts to have full passes so that we aren’t worrying about getting to and from our cars safely to do our jobs.”

Chief Executive at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Karen Partington, said: “We completely understand how frustrating it can be for our staff who are unable to park on our hospital sites, but unfortunately there is much more demand than we have space available.

"Our aim is to allow as many people to park on site as possible and alternatively we offer a number of park and ride options within close proximity of our hospital sites.

"We provide a staff shuttle bus to transport our staff between work and our off site car parks, and any staff working night shifts are able to park on site. We do sympathise with anybody who experiences difficulties with parking and we are constantly looking at new solutions to our parking issues."